Welcome to Biggerstaff Construction

Thirty years in homebuilding have given Biggerstaff Construction a keen knowledge of what makes a house a home. Excellence in craftsmanship and materials has always been a key aspect of the Biggerstaff trademark. But behind that excellence is our belief that a sense of home is generated by people, families, relationships and memories that endure over time.





  • “I’d dealt with Bob Biggerstaff on new construction when I was a bank lender, so I knew that Biggerstaff Construction had the experience and the horsepower to get the job done correctly the first time, while keeping the project within our budget.”
  • What I found out is that within reason, there is no job too large or small for them—that they can customize a crew to fit the owner’s needs. I liked how prompt and exacting the cost estimate process was, Allan knows his costs and can justify them and stand behind them as a project starts and becomes a moving thing.
  • Bob and his team were personable, professional, and responsive to our needs throughout the building process of our home.
  • My highest recommendations of the Biggerstaff team would go to anyone who is considering building or remodeling.
  • For the 6 years we have occupied the home, Biggerstaff has helped us to leverage their vendors for any assistance we have needed. Due to their long standing in the community, they are able to get attention for even the smallest issues.
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