Services Construction Phases


Although some clients may know exactly what they are looking for in a home or commercial property, Biggerstaff Construction is happy to look through photos and conduct walk-throughs of properties we have built to offer ideas. This service gives clients a feeling of the different building styles and a look at interior and exterior designs and details that they may want to incorporate into their own project. In this stage clients can develop their “Wish List” and decide on a budget.

After clients have decided on the style of their home or commercial project consultations take place with the architect, the project supervisor and other members of the Biggerstaff team in order to communicate ideas and adapt them to a client’s budget. This is a great time for clients to decide on any sustainable elements they would like to incorporate in the building process.

Together, with our clients, Biggerstaff will design a timeline for the building process, which involves a clear schedule of when design decisions need to be made and an estimate of the timing of each phase of the project.


The building process begins!

The Biggerstaff Construction team stays in constant communication with our clients throughout the building process. If adjustments need to be made to the timeline or budget, it is passed through the client first. Photos are emailed on a regular basis, and site visits and tours are always available.

Biggerstaff Construction has an established list of quality referrals for all phases of construction, including lighting professionals, flooring specialists, plumbing and electrical companies and interior designers. We are here to handle all of the scheduling and supervision of installations. Biggerstaff Construction is also open to any referrals that their clients may have.